Monday, February 11, 2013

Questions and Answers for week one Let. It. Go.

I am a few days late in posting my first week of Let It Go OBS.  
This post is Melissa's assignment questions for my notebook or journal.  I did write them in my notebook, but I also want to post them here. In case I want to share them at some point in the future.

Q1.    Which reflection verse spoke to you most this week?  How were you able to apply it to your life?

The verse that spoke to me this week was Col. 3:23.   "What ever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

 A1.   What ever I do, whether house work, cooking, relating to my husband, relating to my children, family and friends; I will try to handle it as if I do it for God; to please God and to make Him famous.  So that, when others see me in action they will give God the credit.

Q2.    What is the difference between trusting God and believing in

A2.    Anyone can believe in God, we see His handy work everyday.  But to trust God means to totally surrender ourselves into His care.  By making decisions based on what makes God famous to those around us.  To glorify God is to surrendering  our desire to look out for ourselves and not allow God to lead us.  When we don't trust God, we put ourselves above Him.

Q3.    Are you tired of trying to control things/people around you?  
Are you exhausted trying to keep up a good front?  How will
you be able to change these patterns?

A3.    Yes, I am tired of trying to control things/people around me and of trying to keep up a good front.  I need to have a plumb line to begin to make these changes, to bring God the glory.  I need to do this by committing myself to daily time in God's presence.

Q4.    What is the difference between a tool, toy and a tangent? 
Give an example of each in your life.

A4.    Tools help us in life. Toys help us relieve the stresses of this life.  Tangents are what happens when we use a tool or a toy to the extreme.  When we over do it and use up our time with things that are unfruitful; accomplishing nothing of value, That thing becomes a tangent.
          An example of a tool in my life could be the internet.  I can search sites that can help me learn many useful things.  For example, this past holiday season I had access via the internet to find crochet and knit patterns that I could use to create lovely gifts for family and friends.  And now I am able to use the internet for the very Bible Study.
           An example of a toy in my life could be my Kindle Fire, which my husband gave to me as a gift a year or so ago.  I have a few game apps installed and I can choose from them to play for a few minutes of relaxation.
            An example of a tangent would be spending hours surfing the net, reading blogs or watching videos of trivial content. Or just spending too much time online. I use to be that way with Facebook. Recently I have limited my self to a few posts of interest. Spending less time on my Facebook page.  And I have been participating in this online Bible Study Facebook Group.

So these are my answers to Melissa's questions for week 1, excluding the last question.  I wanted to give that a separate post on my blog because it took a lot of thought.

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