Monday, February 11, 2013

What I take away from Week One: Let It Go

        I am learning a lot already in this first week of Let It Go.  I am more aware of how bossy I can be.  Why just the other day, I caught myself rattling orders to my husband about a situation concerning his job.  We couldn't go to church on Sunday because my husband had to work!  He had to go help others plow out the bus yard and to clean off the buses, as they clean up after the Noreaster we got on Friday and Saturday.  I did apologize to my husband for my attitude and bossiness.  He knows far too well how much I need this study!
        I am learning that like Jesus, I can have the plumb line "will this bring my heavenly Father glory?" (Does it make God famous to those around me?)  In each situation I need to ask myself, IS THIS A TOOL, A TOY, OR A TANGENT?  I need to see the big picture decision just as Jesus did, so that I can bring God the glory and so those little decisions will fall in line and take care of themselves. We've all heard the expression: "Don't sweat the small stuff." I think that applies here.
        I love what Karen said in Chapter 2 (my kindle does not show page numbers).  "Just as Jesus' life was about obedience to God, love of others, and service, so should ours.  So we must intentionally put in place guidelines that will help us maintain the proper perspective and like Jesus, keep our mission ever in sight. As a result we end up glorifying God and making Him famous, not just feeding our own wishes and desires and controlling people and circumstances to our liking. while we attempt to exist in our crazy-busy, clamoring culture."  
        I want to recognize God's voice apart from the worlds and my own.  So that I can trust Him with my entire life.

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