Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Is the Real Problem?

Here is my first post on the OBS blog hop. I wrote this in the wee hours of the night Wed. night because I know that tomorrow will be a busy day for me.  I hope it is not too lengthy.  And I hope I have posted the correct link to bring you here.  Well, if you made here, my link worked. lol

"I knew I needed to make a conscious and determined commitment to God, My faith and myself...  If I wanted true lasting change to occur, I needed to focus on changing me first." pg 20 of Stressed -Less Living 

This quote hit home to me! That is where I am.  I have been just accepting life as it came along lately. (Well maybe several years now.) I never have a day when I don't feel physical pain in my body.  I can't get too active because of my physical problems. I find that I hate to go to bed at night, but of course I do, and then I hate getting up in the morning.  I feel pain and depression more than peace and joy.  Oh what a way to live!  Well not any more!

Before I had started this online Bible study, I had decided that I needed to commit myself to getting closer to God and getting what I need from him and stop feeling sorry for myself and hoping the next day will be better.  I have been doing some soul searching and I don't know if I can pin point where it all began, but I do know that it didn't happen overnight.  So the changes I need to make will not happen overnight either.  

And so, here I stand at the threshold of my new beginning.  I am spending the day with my God everyday,from this point on and renewing my mind in His word,  nourishing my spirit along the way.  I am finding promises with in the pages that I can hold onto and claim as mine.  I am building my faith as I read aloud because it does say that faith comes by hearing the word of God.  

I am learning I can go from the stress zone to the faith zone by:
1.  allowing God's promises to seep into every once of my being.
2.  realizing I am the only person who has control over my mind.
3.  realizing I am the only person who has authority over the joy in my heart.
4.  realizing I am the only person who can determine my attitude on any given day.
5.  I can choose to be an optimist, despite negative circumstances.
6.  I can make the decision to live life on purpose, as God intended. and not to just simply be alive. 
7.  realize I am the only person who can control how stressed I feel. 

And that my friends is just the tip of the iceberg of the nutritious morsels in this chapter.  I am going to spend time working on the Reflection Questions tomorrow morning.  I may blog on that too. We shall see.  Meanwhile, I pray that God's love shines upon you all and that you rest peaceful as you sleep.  Good night all.


  1. That was so incredibly eye-opening, wasn't it? The thought that no one has power over our reaction to stress... other than us! Well done. I look forward to the next morsels in this book, too.

    1. Thank for reading. God is so good. I can't wait to move on to the rest of what God has in store for us.

  2. I loved this post. I especially like how you are reading God's word out loud. It is funny how you pick out different things in scripture when you just read it versus reading it out loud. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading. I know it is amazing how the Word comes to life when you hear it read out loud. It really does go out and never returns void. In my local Bible study today, one of the ladies was sharing how God's Word, once spoken, is always working(doing what it was sent out to do). It is Life to the hearer. Praise God!

  3. Love how you are reading out loud and love how you broke down the chapter. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)

  4. Thanks Debbie, for reading my blog. I hope I can get back to doing it. As you can see I missed posting a couple of times. It is amazing how when you think you have all the time to do what you want to do (OBS) and then all of a sudden you have a 100 things coming at you that just has to be done! God's peace to you :)