Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Oh my! I cannot believe it! I am such a slacker when it comes to my blog!  I start out with good intentions, but then it fades away like New Year's resolutions.  This year no new resolutions.  

I started out this year using the Bible app on my computer (youversion.com).  They have many reading plans available.
So I chose a fairly short one called "21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs." Amazingly enough, I have not missed one reading!  Tomorrow will be the last day for that plan.  So I will be picking another soon.  

I was feeling so ambitious about getting into the Bible this way, that I joined another plan "One Word That Will Change Your Life".
Now that was only a 4 day plan, but it was very good!  I discovered my One Word is INTENTIONAL.  Kind of ironic considering my first paragraph of this post. LOL!  I can see that God has a wonderful sense of humor.  

So, I looked up the word intentional in the dictionary.  Guess what it said.  Okay I will tell you.  Done with intention or on purpose.  Design, plan, deliberate.  God wants me to live an intentional life.  I need to live my life on purpose.  This may seem like some kind of cliche, but to me it is a new revelation.  

Now let me add just one more thing before I end this post.  I went to church this past Sunday as usual.  The pastor's topic was based on the sluggard.  You know the lazy guy who did no work and when he was hungry he had nothing to eat.  There are many scriptures on the subject, which you can find in Proverbs.  At the end of the pastor's sermon he gave a quick summary of all that he had talked about.  And let me tell you what!  The words he used spoke to my spirit.  Here they are:
1.  Stop moaning.
2.  Be diligent.
3.  Stay focused.
4.  Never give up.

Now those are words of action!